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The Japanese city of Nara is renown for its deer. Thanks to their legendary history, they’re regarded as heavenly animals, messengers of the gods according to Shinto belief, and guardians of both the city and Japan itself. A population of over 1000 remarkably tame Sika Deer reside in Nara Park, where they roam freely and visitors may feed them special biscuits, and every summer they do something strange and awesome. They leave the park and swarm the streets, lounging together on the sidewalks and sometimes right in the road, looking like they haven’t got a care in the world and the middle of the road is the perfect place to be.

YouTube user Blue Bells 9999 shot video of this marvelous phenomenon in 2013 and describes it as a regular occurrence in late July:

"…with the deer strolling out of the park to “enjoy the coolness of the street.” Given that the concrete sidewalk and asphalt road surface would ordinarily retain heat during the summertime, we’re guessing that the surrounding cityscape and topography creates either a cooling wind tunnel or an inviting patch of shade.

Although it might seem like an alarming event, Nara residents seem very used to the presence of the deer. It’s been happening for so long now that the city posts warning signs to drivers about deer crossing the road. No one honks at them or suddenly swerves to avoid them. We’d be so amazed by the sight of them that people would be honking at us for blocking traffic ourselves.


Stainless Steel Wire Fairies by Robin Wight

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To privilege the book as reading, though—to forget that it is a technology—is analogous to forgetting one has a body

The Internet Killed Books to Save Reading  (via socio-logic)

I’ve had this quote saved in my drafts, trying to figure out why I liked it so much and I think it’s finally kissed me just so.

It is about the processes, yes, but also the way the mind functions. What we think and how we think vs. what is the tangible thing that represents those thoughts. But that is not and can not be everything. The body is not the mind at work. A physical book is not the act of reading.

I loathed the idea of a kindle until I got one a couple of years ago and then it made so much sense. My apartment was (and still is) filled with books. I buy them regularly, making trips to my usual haunts in the city for stories both new and old. But now, I read even MORE. I have the kindle app on my phone and on my laptop too. My mind is free to read always and whenever. That is powerful. It will always be the words that matter not the medium in which they are delivered.

Consider the power of the tumblr dashboard. If you follow the right people, you will be surrounded by beauty and passion and humor and light. And also, words that will change your life. Strangers can share with you worlds you’d never known. A book is a book but a word is not just a word. It never can be and never will.

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Awesome drawing!

That’s the problem with putting others first; you’ve taught them you come second.


SPOTLIGHT: Mind-Bending Photo Manipulations by Martin De Pasquale

Tons of photographers use Photoshop to insert new elements into their photographs, but not all of them can create the crazy and mind-bending images that Buenos Aires-based art director and digital artist Martin De Pasquale does.

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Playing around with graphite and watercolour in-between photoshopping sessions.


"The Maharal of Prague" by Santiago CARUSO / Ink & scratch over plastered cardboard

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Lorde gettin hella real on Twitter tonight.

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